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There is no doubt that CharmDate is one of the oldest running dating sites today. It has been around since 1998, helping millions find their ideal partners and create lasting relationships.

The site is owned by the Qpid Network, a company that runs a number of niche dating sites like AsiaMe,, and Just like these sites, CharmDate has a specific target market. It is said to be one of the most popular online dating sites that allow men from across the world to meet and match with gorgeous Ukrainian and Russian women. It is also known for being a foreign marriage website where people find love.

In Charmdate’s own descriptions of its services, it says that they rely on a “huge network of local dating agencies all across” Russia and Ukraine. When I dug a little bit deeper into this issue, it became apparent that this means many of the women are part of large, shady schemes to make money off of foreigners.


Phone Number : +1 800-931-5079

Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London Asia, WC2H, GB


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    Just out to get your money

    Just out to get your money. Into their own thing. Not attentive to customers.

    propatoyv - January 14, 2020

    Well majority of the girls on the side were scammers from different locations. All they wanted was money telling you a sad story. It just was a joke. It’s not just this one. They were all similar ripo…. More

    bellastoor6 - January 14, 2020
    RIP OFF!!!

    Well, same as the others and also listed on a site as not a good site to look for friends or dates. I had the misfortune of being approaching through the chat by a man who felt I should enjoy his word…. More

    snotrum64 - January 14, 2020
    Never pay for a subscription

    Never pay for a subscription or you will be very sorry!

    trahalhe18 - January 14, 2020
    This site is a complete rip off

    This site is a complete rip off, and this crap have been doing will catch up to everyone of them even the girls!

    cronicobar1g - November 3, 2019
    These are all complete scams.

    These are all complete scams.

    ukuyicela7t - November 3, 2019
    It is the worst

    It is the worst. it is impossible to know who is truly viewing you and who CharmDate has ‘chosen.’ Also their “matches” usually make no sense…completely algorithm driven as is most sites, i guess. A…. More

    k3lor8r - October 12, 2019
    Charmdate is Biggest ripoff

    Use this site to look at girls BUT do not spend money, it will cost you over $400 just to qualify to get a girls private contact information, like an email address. The girl will tell you to read 10 E…. More

    wil9895hic - July 10, 2019