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It is an interesting site

It is an interesting site where I met a couple of girls. Many people have a profile on the site and I can choose someone who is for me.

carebear521an - September 1, 2019
Keep out of them. Stay safe.

Even before to spend a dollar with Anastasiadate, please be aware they send you fake letters from fake profiles. They are crooks. Maybe clever crooks: maybe some their profiles and letters are not fak…. More

ocinju2m - September 1, 2019
Be warned

I have been on this site for a month. And all I get is youth ladies texting me their text phone number. For what? Do they make money when you text then back? Plus everyone so far is not local. All out…. More

yfirlitinnm - September 1, 2019
It is the scam!

Stay away from this scammers, unless you want to have fun and kill the time, like me. Do you want some proof? Here it is: I’ve just received a second letter from a lady via “asiancharm”. These are the…. More

abonadas5j - August 2, 2019
Fake profile

As others have described, this organization is very good at getting you to spend money. There are many beautiful women on this site. I don’t know if the women are being paid for the use of their photo…. More

emilysrosessn - August 2, 2019
I'm disappointed in

I was very much enjoying Zoosk and encouraging others to join because of their photo security. And the safe way I’ve felt comfortable chatting with gentlemen. Then out of the blue I got a solid blue s…. More

bemalungkp - August 2, 2019
Eharmony Another Worst Site

I thought I would try eharmony after the usual dating issues with tinder, bumble etc..I thought maybe people will be more serious on there. It’s exactly the same but worse as you have to pay…don’t d…. More

echokelly2239 - July 13, 2019

Match has just made it incredibly hard to find a “match” via a search. You used to be able to search by various criteria including income. They took that away. As the match customer service rep explai…. More

and859mar - July 13, 2019
Charmdate is Biggest ripoff

Use this site to look at girls BUT do not spend money, it will cost you over $400 just to qualify to get a girls private contact information, like an email address. The girl will tell you to read 10 E…. More

wil9895hic - July 10, 2019