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It’s 2023 and you are ready to find someone to build a life with. Tinder vs Hinge in 2023 Online dating has become the most popular way to find a partner, but there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to dating apps. We can’t tackle them all in one article, but we can do some good head-to-head comparisons to show you which ones are the best ones for you. Let’s start off by looking at Tinder vs Hinge in 2023.

Tinder vs Hinge in 2023 Comparisons

Tinder vs Hinge in 2023 are both from a category of dating apps called “Social Discovery Apps,” but I usually just call them Swipe apps. While traditional apps rely on searching, Swipe apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge rely on a carousel of profiles that you swipe right if you like and left if you don’t.

Tinder vs Hinge: The Swipe

That is actually the first big distinction between these two apps. Tinder is a Mutual-Swipe App. That means both people have to swipe right on each other before the ability to communicate is unlocked. Meanwhile, Hinge allows you to like or message anyone you like, whenever you like.

Some people argue that the mutual-swipe system protects you from being contacted by people you don’t want to meet. Unfortunately, the video game mechanic of swiping on Tinder has created an environment where people tend to make the decision to swipe left in less than a second. That means they aren’t reading the profile, they are just looking at the primary photo. That problem is compounded even further by the idea that people know this and rarely put in the effort to write anything more than a sentence or a small list in their Tinder profile.

By allowing you to message anyone you like, Hinge creates an environment where people are more likely to read the profiles to see if there’s something more than an initial attraction. It creates a much healthier environment for daters.

Tinder vs Hinge in 2023: Which Dating App Is Better?


Tinder vs Hinge: Population Size

If a dating app doesn’t have people on it, it is useless. The good news is that both Hinge and Tinder have good-sized populations, but Tinder blows Hinge out of the water. According to World Population Review  Tinder averages around 75 million active users around the world. Hinge, on the other hand, has around 6 million, active monthly users.

While I firmly believe that Tinder’s numbers are massively skewed by people using it for boredom, validation, and to market themselves for other platforms, there’s no arguing with the numbers.

WINNER: Tinder

Tinder vs Hinge: Profile Design

Part of what makes a dating site good and useful is having the right balance between the photos and the written profile. Let’s be honest. Photos are always going to be the first thing you see when you look at a dating app. However, if too much weight is put on the photos, you end up with an extremely superficial experience where people rely solely on snap decisions of who they think is the hottest.

Part of the reason ProfileHelper exists is that it is hard to write about yourself. So, even though Tinder’s profile size limit is 500 characters, that can feel like having to write a 10-page term paper. The result is that people tend to leave the written portion of their Tinder profiles blank, fill it with a generic list of adjectives, or copy and paste something clever that they think will make them stand out (even though thousands of other people have copied and pasted the same thing).

Hinge, on the other hand, makes sure that every profile has the same thing: six photos and three answers to prompts that the app provides you. You can pick three prompts to answer from a list of 121. The prompts range from things like “My most irrational fear,” “If we win the lottery, let’s spend it on,” or “My Happy Place,”  and your answers are limited to 150 characters each. For most people, responding to prompts is much easier than coming up with information to fill a blank space. Also, the prompts that they give you are great jumping-off points for someone to start a conversation with you if they like your profile.

In the end, Hinge has a profile that is much better designed to help people connect with each other.


Tinder vs Hinge in 2023: Which Dating App Is Better?

Tinder vs Hinge: Messaging

We already talked about the hurdles that each of these apps makes you jump before you can message someone. Now, let’s talk about the actual messaging. On Tinder, either one of you can send a message as soon as a match is made between the two of you. However, given that there’s barely anything in the average Tinder profile, it leaves people with very few options when it comes to writing a personalized message that can start a conversation.

On Hinge, you don’t just send a general message. The message you send is tied directly to either one of your match’s photos or one of their prompt answers. As a result, you aren’t just writing a message to get their attention, you are asking a question or commenting about a specific thing that they have shared with you. This makes starting a real conversation that can lead to a connection much easier.


Tinder vs Hinge: In-App Purchases

Up to this point, all of the focus on these apps has been on their free features. The truth is that you can use them both without ever paying anyone a penny. Personally, I don’t think there is all that much value in paying for either of these apps. You can do everything you need to do without having to make a purchase, but let’s see what each one offers for paid perks.

Hinge’s Paid Perks: Cost – $4.99 per month (with a six-month membership)

Basic Hinge filters PLUS additional filters for height, whether someone has children, whether someone wants children, politics, drinking, smoking, marijuana, and drug use

Unlimited number of Likes to use

Option to see everyone who Likes you at the same time in one organized view

These are all nice perks, you can get by without them. The biggest benefit here would be the enhanced filters. There is no real value to unlimited likes or the ability to see everyone who likes you (this one in particular pushes you to like people just because they like you).

Tinder’s Paid Perks:

Cost – Tinder Plus starts at about $9.99 per month for people under 30 and $19.99 per month for users over 30. Tinder Gold pricing starts at $14.99 per month and increases for users over 30 years old. Prices drop depending on the length of membership that you purchase.

Tinder Plus includes:

No ads

Unlimited likes

5 Super likes per day

Rewind (the ability to undo an accidental left-swipe)

Passport (The ability to search outside of your local area)

1 Boost per month

1 Top pick per day

Tinder Gold includes:

Everything included in Tinder Plus

The ability to see who has liked you

4-10 Top picks per day

Having the ability to search outside of your area isn’t really useful for dating, but it is great if you are just using the app to chat with people. Aside from that, the big perk would be seeing who has liked you, but we already addressed why that isn’t really useful with Hinge’s offering.

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Tinder vs Hinge in 2023: Which App to Choose?

Tinder and Hinge offer two very different dating experiences. The biggest dating app in the world and there are always going to be people swipe on. But the quality of profiles and matches tends to be extremely low. Hinge, on the other hand, has actually become known. As the dating site for people who are sick and tired of Tinder and are looking for a better way to connect.  If you are under 25 and just looking for casual connections and people to chat with. Tinder is going to give you what you need. But, if you are 25+ and looking for a connection that can lead to dates and possibly even a relationship, Hinge is the app to pick.

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