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The Friend Zone-Well known to Anglo-Saxons, the ” Friend Zone ” is this indeterminate space which is located not far between the country of Friendship and the continent of Love. To find yourself in the Friend Zone , it takes two people, basically. By landing on the shore of this territory, you quickly realize that this region offers one of the most rugged reliefs, with its share of surprises and adventures . In other words, the Friend Zone could also be called a platonic relationship 2.0 between consenting adults.

It is often said that it is mostly men who find themselves in the “ Friend Zone ”: this moment when you become “the friend” of a woman, without being more. The keyword for Friend-Zoning is obviously the noun “friend”, as in: ” I prefer that we remain friends” , ” Marc is a good friend” , or even ” Ah, he’s just a friend » …

Once transported to the Friend Zone – as if it were the fifth dimension – difficult to leave. Indeed, in the eyes of the person for whom you have feelings, you become a non-sexual entity DilMil like a lamp, an iron or a chopstick. But impossible not being French, here are our tips for not remaining just a friend…

Leaving the Friend Zone

When you become a ” Friend-Zoner “, it’s often an acknowledgment of failure… And yet, it’s never too late to bounce back and make sure you don’t remain a simple friend ) facing the chosen one of his heart. With a few tricks, you can easily find the exit from the Friend Zone , just:

– Take advantage of being a friend and listen, as a confidant. You can learn a lot from the person you want by listening to them (likes, previous stories, ambitions).

– Assert yourself . Being the good buddy/buddy (aka stuck in the Friend Zone ) doesn’t mean losing all personality and dignity. You are a being with feelings, so don’t repress them. When the timing is right, you can even make a statement !

– Become more! First of all, you have to prepare the ground with some unstoppable tools of seduction such as: pay attention to your look, take care of your sense of humor to please at all times and in all circumstances. We can even dare small teasing or physical contact (taking his hands). And you have carte blanche to offer your best compliments to make yourself irresistible. Finally, DilMil.Co feel free to take long, deep looks that blend into his face, without saying a word. May the force be with you.

How Not to Get Stuck in The Friend Zone? | Charm Date Fraud

The little extra that makes the difference :

preparing the ground so as not to reserve any surprises. Time is your ally to free yourself from this maze of passions, step by step. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, you have the opportunity to make your own metamorphosis (with patience) from friend to lover.

After weeks of chatting, you have met your “target”. Once the little pleasures of the first date are over, the moment comes – not so simple! – from the second date . The good news ? You have already done the hardest part! From now on, the other is no longer a stranger, you have already shared things (a dessert or a few anecdotes), and this second meeting promises to be more “intimate”. How and what to offer? To get you started, here are a few ideas.

Even if everything happened like in the best dream you had, you can still wait a little bit before offering this second outing. Not only to make you want, but also to leave some time for this lovely meeting to make an impression on both of you, not to rush anything, but also to prepare your next evening well.

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For the second meeting, you can allow yourself to propose a more unusual place , even an evening at home … Both of you will reveal yourself a little more, and discover more about the other. You can therefore develop a more “advanced” program than the simple dinner/drink the first time. How about an evening at the cinema? Or something related to his/her tastes (which he/she must have mentioned)? Be imaginative and take risks. Sure that this new evening both is full of promise.

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