How to Find The Woman

How to find the man of my life? How do I find the woman who How to Find The Woman is made for me? What are the obstacles to getting out of celibacy? Can a serious dating site help me?

I Have too Many Demands

Whether in my “real” meetings or on a dating site, I can miss out on my soul mate because I have too rigid criteria, that I am too demanding.

For example, I like meat and I don’t want to hear about meeting a vegetarian. Because of this I can refuse to get to know a man better who could have made me happy.

Either I absolutely want to meet a single person who is 2 years older than me but no more, while there is a person who is 4 years older than me who could have been the woman of my life.

I Have too Few Demands – How to Find The Woman

Conversely, I may not be demanding enough. Because of this, I experience relationships with people I cannot be happy with. This is the cause of failures in love in my life.

For example, I like traveling and meeting people, it’s a need for me to live in openness to others and to welcome. I am in a romantic relationship with a person who likes social networks and long-distance exchanges, but who doesn’t like meeting new people, traveling and even less welcoming people into her home. It will be difficult to find a way of life in which both members of the couple can flourish.

Or I have relations with people who think that a couple should not last if there are difficulties. For my part, I would really like a lasting relationship, and be with someone who wants to make efforts to make our couple successful. As long as I am not demanding in the choice of spouses who are also looking for a lasting relationship, I risk suffering from romantic breakups and not finding the man of my life.

How to Find The Woman or The Man of Your Life?

My Heart is Not Free – How to Find The Woman

Maybe I have trouble finding the woman or the man of my life because my heart is not free.

I am always very attached to a person with whom I had a romantic relationship, or with whom I had long hoped to have a romantic relationship.

This attachment can be a terrible obstacle to a new love affair. He can prevent me from seeing the qualities of other men or other women. He can prevent me from doing what is necessary for the relationship to succeed, because deep down inside me I keep the hope of one day being able to live with the one or the one I love.

These feelings that I carry in my heart can also be felt by the singles with whom I could have had a love story. They sense it through my words, my behavior, and it drives them away from me.

What if my heart is not free? One of the important things to do is to distance myself from this person who lives in my heart, otherwise I will never be able to move forward or come out of celibacy. I can also get help from a psychologist or a marriage counselor to experience this release, this detachment.

I miss Opportunities to Meet People Who Share My Values ​​and Interests

A serious dating site can really help me meet singles who share my values ​​or interests. On a dating site, I can indicate the elements. That are important to me in a woman or in a man. I can indicate the centers of interest. That I would like to find in my spouse, and on certain sites. I can ask to preferably meet single people with the same values ​​as me.

Filling in the profile makes it possible to know. What is important to each person registered on the dating site. And facilitates meetings by affinity. This does not prevent you from being surprise and also from getting in touch with singles with different interests!

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I Am too Shy – How to Find The Woman

My shyness prevents me from getting closer to a woman or a man. And from having a romantic encounter. A serious dating site can make things easier for me. Even if dating sites are not only used by the very shy.

I can indicate on my profile that I prefer the other to make the first move. Then, once the exchanges have started, things should become easier for me. When I meet the single girl I chatted with on the site, she’ll know I’m intimidated and won’t misinterpret my attitude.

Being on a dating site also has the advantage for me of avoiding the ambiguity of the relationships I have with people around me: if someone contacts me on a serious dating site, it’s not to be friends, it’s that this person thinks that I could be the woman or the man of his life.

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